Inheritance Tax

Our specialist Wills and Probate team can help you to minimise the prospective Inheritance Tax liability on your assets. Our expert Solicitors have extensive knowledge and experience in these types of matter, offering practical guidance to reduce the amount of unnecessary tax payable and ensuring your beneficiaries gain the most from your estate

Power of Attorney

We can assist you in appointing this person (or persons) now, so that you can be sure that your best interests are looked after in the future. 

Residential Conveyancing

Whether you’re buying your first property, a new family home or down-sizing for your retirement, Bailey Smailes can make moving a surprisingly simple and straightforward experience.

Wills & Probate

Our experts can assist you in determining your priorities and create a bespoke Will for you, which clearly states your wishes. Thus, ensuring that your family, friends and favoured charities are left what you want them to receive, on your passing.

Ian Holmes and David Wells are the STEP accredited Solicitors for Bailey Smailes

David Wells and Lucy Cortis are the SFE accredited Solicitors for Bailey Smailes