Inheritance Tax

To many, Inheritance Tax can be a worrying prospect. But, with the right forward planning, it need not be. We believe that you’ve worked hard for what you own and deserve to pass your assets on to your chosen beneficiaries in the most tax efficient manner.

At Bailey Smailes, our specialist Wills and Probate team can help you to minimise the prospective Inheritance Tax liability on your assets. Our expert Solicitors have extensive knowledge and experience in these types of matter, offering practical guidance to reduce the amount of unnecessary tax payable and ensuring your beneficiaries gain the most from your estate.

Maximising their inheritance

We can advise you on how to take advantage of the complex web of Inheritance Tax reliefs and exemptions, to maximise the legacy you pass on to the next generation. We can assess your overall exposure to tax, taking in to account your assets and interests, and also your succession objectives.

Our dedicated team can support you with all aspects of Inheritance Tax, including:

  • Estate planning
  • Transferring tax-free allowances to partners
  • International Inheritance Tax
  • Filing Inheritance Tax returns
  • Will writing
  • Lifetime gifts and potentially exempt transfers
  • Charity donations
  • Setting up trusts

At Bailey Smailes, we have worked with local and regional clients to minimise their exposure to Inheritance Tax. Our specialist team strive to make things simple, transparent and cost-effective. We draw upon our extensive professional knowledge and many years of specialist experience to provide you with the best Inheritance Tax solution.

When you need reliable advice on any aspect of Inheritance Tax, we are here to discuss it with you. We’ll provide you with our expert opinion on how we can assist and the best approach to take.

Ian Holmes and David Wells are the STEP accredited Solicitors for Bailey Smailes

David Wells and Lucy Cortis are the SFE accredited Solicitors for Bailey Smailes